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How did I get here?

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

So, here I am thinking about what to write for a new blog post, on my brand new website. I've never had a website before so this is very new to me. Then it dawned on me, I should tell people just how I got here.

As you know (unless you've been living under a rock!) 2020 has been a roller coaster, to say the least. I was one of the very lucky ones who worked through the peak of Covid-19 (March until June 2020), on the front lines as an Occupational Therapist for Horizon Health.

By the end of May 2020, as NB was flattening the curve, I found out there would be no further casual hours available for me. This meant that I would be unemployed after 15 years as an OT. I have been so fortunate during my career as an OT to have had constant work in areas I enjoy. At that same time in May, I found out my child care provider of the past 9 years was closing permanently, and my part-time gig as a yoga teacher (which I love) would no longer be able to pay me. Things could be WAY worse, but all of this did did rattle me.

But, I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Being without work now gave me some extra time to be with my kids and gave me the opportunity to truly evaluate my future career path. I have been contemplating opening a small business for about 2 years now. But, I didn't really know exactly what it would look like. My ideas were all over the place. I met with some wonderful coaches and mentors. I talked in depth with my tribe and my husband. I also attended a life changing weekend course last fall with Anne Berube and Elizabeth Gilbert who reinforced following your instincts and digging deep to find out what you are truly meant to do.

I am meant to be exactly what I trained to be, an Occupational Therapist. I want to help others, cliche, I know, but it is true. Helping make a persons life a little easier or giving them hope fills my soul. I love being with people, I love hearing their stories and I love being creative. Tying it all together is what OT is about. I want to help people to engage in what they need and want to do.

So, that's how I got here. With a some extra time on my hands from unemployment, amid a global pandemic, I have decided to open small business, Lindsay Hall OT. Having this small business will allow me to do what I am passionate about, but also let me nurture other parts of my life, including being a wife, a mother and a friend to name a few. And, my goal, through this little company, will be to share my creativity, knowledge and experience as an occupational therapist, with my clients. In the end, I'm hoping that I'm creating something positive, not just for me, but hopefully many others, out of Covid-19. Stay tuned...

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